SC Seminar: Tim Albring

Tim Albring, SciComp

Constrained-based Shape Parameterization


The ability to drive a baseline shape to one with superior performance hinges on the quality of the shape parameterization. On the one hand it is often useful to delimit the design space, both to simplify the optimization problem and to avoid exploring regions known to be off-limits, often for non-aerodynamic reasons. On the other hand, pre-set deformation mechanisms can restrict the design space in irrelevant ways, needlessly hindering the discovery of valid designs. Deliberate, informed tailoring of the design space to individual problems is crucial for effective design.

In this talk we discuss a technique for creating custom, design-appropriate shape parameterizations of discrete surfaces. The idea is to leverage the smooth deformation properties of the Free-Form deformation, but to automate them and remove them from the designer’s direct control. Instead, the designer directly selects and manipulates any number of points on the surface and prescribes geometric constraints, while an automated system solves for a smooth deformation of the remainder of the surface that satisfies the constraints. Several applications in the field of internal and external flows will be presented, along with a comparison with traditional approaches. Furthermore the workflow in SU2 to set up an optimization using these features from the user’s perspective will be shown.

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