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B. Y. Zhou, N. R. Gauger, B. Diskin, J. K. Pardue, A. Chernikov, C. Tsolakis, F. Drakopoulos, N. N. Chrisochoides

Hybrid RANS/LES Simulation of Vortex Breakdown Over a Delta Wing (Article)

AIAA 2019-3524, 2019.


B. Y. Zhou, N. R. Gauger, J. Hauth, X. Huan, M. Morelli, A. Guardone

Towards Real-Time In-Flight Ice Detection Systems via Computational Aeroacoustics and Machine Learning (Article)

AIAA 2019-3103, 2019.


J. Abdel Hay, N. Schönwald, E. Özkaya, N.R. Gauger, C. Richter, R. Bauers, J. Zillmann

Adjoint Broadband Optimization of a Bypass Liner with Spatially Varying Impedance (Article)

AIAA 2019-2485, 2019.

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A. Niemöller, M. Meinke, W. Schröder, T. Albring, N.R. Gauger

Noise Reduction Using a Direct-Hybrid CFD/CAA Method (Article)

AIAA 2019-2579, 2019.

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B.Y. Zhou, N.R. Gauger, H. Yao, S. Peng, L. Davidson

Adjoint-based Broadband Noise Minimization using Stochastic Noise Generation (Article)

AIAA 2019-2697, 2019.

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M. Morelli, B. Y. Zhou, A. Guardone

Simulation and Analysis of Oscillating Airfoil Ice Shapes via a Fully Unsteady Collection Efficiency Approach (Article)

Vertical Flight Society 75th Annual Forum & Technology Display, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May 13–16, 2019.


S. Günther, L. Ruthotto, J.B. Schroder, E.C. Cyr, N.R. Gauger

Layer-Parallel Training of Deep Residual Neural Networks (Article)

(submitted to arXiv v1 on 11.12.2018) submitted to SIAM Journal on Mathematics of Data Science (SIMODS), 2019.

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E. Molina, B. Y. Zhou, J. J. Alonso, M. Righi, R. G Silva

Flow and Noise Predictions Around Tandem Cylinders using DDES Approach with SU2 (Article)

AIAA 2019-0326, 2019.


B.Y. Zhou, N. R. Gauger, H-D. Yao, S-H. Peng, L. Davidson

Towards Adjoint-based Broadband Noise Minimization using Stochastic Noise Generation (Article)

AIAA 2019-0002, 2019.


T. A. Albring, B. Y. Zhou, N. R Gauger

Challenges in Sensitivity Computations for (D) DES and URANS (Article)

AIAA 2019-0169, 2019.


M. Schwalbach, T. Verstraete, J.D. Müller, N.R. Gauger

A Comparative Study of Two Different CAD-Based Mesh Deformation Methods for Structural Shape Optimization (Article)

Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, 49 pp. 47-60, 2019.

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S. Günther, N. R. Gauger, J. B. Schroder

A Non-Intrusive Parallel-in-Time Approach for Simultaneous Optimization with Unsteady PDEs (Article)

Optimization Methods and Software, 34 (6), pp. 1306–1321, 2019.

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L. Kusch, N. R. Gauger

Robust Airfoil Design in the Context of Multi-objective Optimization (Article)

Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, 48 pp. 391-403, 2019.

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E. Özkaya, N.R. Gauger

Global Aerodynamic Design Optimization via Primal-Dual Aggregation Method (Article)

Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design, submitted 2018.

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O. Burghardt, N.R. Gauger

Accurate gradient computations for shape optimization via discrete adjoints in CFD-related multiphysics problems (Article)

Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics and Multidisciplinary Design, submitted 2018.

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N.R. Gauger, A. Linke, P.W. Schroeder

On high-order pressure-robust space discretisations, their advantages for incompressible high Reynolds number generalised Beltrami flows and beyond (Article)

SMAI Journal of Computational Mathematics, submitted 2018.

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A. Walther, L. Kusch, N.R. Gauger

New Results for the Handling of Additional Equality Constraints in One-Shot Optimization (Article)

Vietnam J. Math. , 46 (4), pp. 825-836, 2018.

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J. Kusch, S. Schmidt, N.R. Gauger

An Approximate Newton Smoothing Method for Shape Optimization (Article)

arXiv:1807.11232, 2018.

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S. Günther, N.R. Gauger, J.B. Schroder

A Non-Intrusive Parallel-in-Time Adjoint Solver with the XBraid Library (Article)

Computing and Visualization in Science, 19 (3), pp. 85-95, 2018, ISSN: 1433-0369.

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M. Luers, M. Sagebaum, S. Mann, J. Backhaus, D. Großmann, N. R. Gauger

Adjoint-based Volumetric Shape Optimization of Turbine Blades (Article)

AIAA 2018-3638, 2018.


M. Langbein, M. Ruby, N.R. Gauger

Assessment of an Alternative Concept for a High- Altitude Wind-Power Generator (Article)

J. Phys.: Conf. Ser., 1037 (042023), 2018.

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B. Y. Zhou, S. R. Koh, N. R. Gauger, M. Meinke, W. Schröder

A Discrete Adjoint Framework for Trailing-Edge Noise Minimization via Porous Material (Article)

Computers and Fluids, 172 pp. 97–108, 2018.

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M. Sagebaum, T. Albring, N.R. Gauger

Expression templates for primal value taping in the reverse mode of algorithmic differentiation (Article)

Optimization Methods and Software, 2018.

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S. R. Koh, B.Y. Zhou, M. Meinke, N.R. Gauger, W. Schröder

Numerical Analysis of the Impact of Variable Porosity on Trailing-Edge Noise (Article)

Computers and Fluids, 167 pp. 66-81, 2018.

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M. Schwalbach, L. Müller, T. Verstraete, N.R. Gauger

CAD-based Adjoint Multidisciplinary Optimization of a Radial Turbine under Structural Constraints (Article)

Conference Proceedings of GPPS 2018, (GPPS-NA-2018-133), 2018.


E. Özkaya, N.R. Gauger, D. Marinc, H. Foysi

On the Stability of Gradient Based Turbulent Flow Control without Regularization (Article)

Computing and Visualization in Science, submitted 2018.

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M. Sagebaum, N.R. Gauger

Algorithmic Differentiation for Domain Specific Languages (Article)

arXiv preprint arXiv:1803.04154, 2018.

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L. Kusch, T. Albring, A. Walther, N.R. Gauger

A one-shot optimization framework with additional equality constraints applied to multi-objective aerodynamic shape optimization (Article)

Optimization Methods and Software, 33 (4-6), pp. 694-707, 2018.

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R. Sanchez, T. Albring, R. Palacios, N. R. Gauger, T. D. Economon, J. J. Alonso

Coupled Adjoint-Based Sensitivities in Large-Displacement Fluid-Structure Interaction using Algorithmic Differentiation (Article)

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 113 (7), pp. 1081–1107, 2018, (DOI 10.1002/nme.5700).

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S. Nimmagadda, T. D. Economon, J. J. Alonso, C. Silva, B. Y. Zhou, T. Albring

Low-cost unsteady discrete adjoints for aeroacoustic optimization using temporal and spatial coarsening techniques (Article)

AIAA 2018-1911, 2018.


A. Rubino, M. Pini, P. Colona, T. Albring, S. Nimmagadda, T. Economon, J. Alonso,

Adjoint-based fluid dynamic design optimization in quasi-periodic unsteady flow problems using a harmonic balance method (Article)

Journal of Computational Physics, 372 (1), pp. 220-235, 2018.

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S. Vitale, T. Albring, M. Pini, N. R. Gauger, P. Colonna

Fully turbulent discrete adjoint solver for non-ideal compressible flow applications (Article)

Journal of the Global Power and Propulsion Society, 1 pp. 252-270, 2017, (

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A. Nemili, E. Özkaya, N. R. Gauger, F. Kramer, F. Thiele

Accurate Discrete Adjoint Approach for Optimal Active Separation Control (Article)

AIAA Journal, 55 (9), pp. 3016-3026, 2017.

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B. Y. Zhou, T. Albring, N. R. Gauger, C. Ilario, T. Economon, J. J. Alonso

Reduction of Airframe Noise Components Using a Discrete Adjoint Approach (Article)

AIAA 2017-3658, 2017.


T. Albring, T. Dick, N. R. Gauger

Assessment of the Recursive Projection Method for the Stabilization of Discrete Adjoint Solvers (Article)

AIAA 2017-3664, 2017.


J. Backhaus, A. Schmitz, C. Frey, M. Sagebaum, S. Mann, M. Nagel, N R. Gauger

Application of an Algorithmically Differentiated Turbomachinery Flow Solver to the Optimization of a Fan Stage (Article)

AIAA 2017-3997, 2017.


M. Sagebaum, E. Özkaya, N. R. Gauger, J. Backhaus, C. Frey, S. Mann, M. Nagel

Efficient Algorithmic Differentiation Techniques for Turbo-machinery Design (Article)

AIAA 2017-3998, 2017.


T. Economon, J. J. Alonso, T. Albring, N. R. Gauger

Adjoint Formulation Investigations of Benchmark Aerodynamic Design Cases in SU2 (Article)

AIAA 2017-4363, 2017.


S. Koh, M. Meinke, W. Schröder, B. Y. Zhou, N. R. Gauger

Impact of Permeable Surface on Trailing-Edge Noise at Varying Lift (Article)

AIAA 2017-3497, 2017.


S. A. Nørgaard, M. Sagebaum, N. R. Gauger, B. S. Lazarov

Applications of automatic differentiation in topology optimization (Article)

Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, pp. 1–12, 2017, ISSN: 1615-1488.

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