SC Seminar: Ole Burghardt

Ole Burghardt, SciComp

Conjugate heat transfer support within SU2


Computing estimations for heat fluxes from a heated solid’s wall into a cooling fluid flow is based on a good assumption of the wall’s temperature distribution. If such a distribution is not available, one in fact has to solve a coupled problem: The heating of the coolant fluid flow and the corresponding cooling of the solid itself, commonly called conjugate heat transfer or “CHT”.
In this talk, we will give an introduction to SU2’s recently developed multi-zone driver with CHT support and a simple test case so that one can quantify the errors that are made between a guessed (isothermal) temperature distribution and the physically more accurate one obtained by the coupling.

The specialty of our implementation then is its entire integration into the (heat and fluid flow) solver’s fixed point formulation that is used throughout in SU2. This way we can automatically solve the discrete adjoint problem of the coupled PDEs, resulting in physically accurate heat flux sensitivities for shape optimizations which we will address in the second half of the talk.

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