SC Seminar: Maarten Blommaert

Maarten Blommaert, Forschungszentrum J├╝lich/SciComp Title: A Practical and in Parts Adjoint Based Gradient Computation Methodology for Efficient Optimal Magnetic Divertor Design in Nuclear Fusion Reactors Abstract: The first fusion reactor ITER is currently under construction in Cadarache, France. Meanwhile, fusion … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Matthias Sonntag

Matthias Sonntag, SciComp Title: Finite Volume Subcell Shock Capturing for high order Discontinuous Galerkin methods Abstract: Discontinuous Galerkin methods of high order accuracy have the problem that shock waves travelling through grid cells introduce instabilities. The high order polynomial in … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Christoph Garth

Christoph Garth, Computational Topology Group Title: Scientific Visualization Research @ TU Kaiserslautern Abstract: The aim of scientific visualization is to provide graphical representations of complex physical phenomena in order to assist scientific investigation and to allow inferences that are not … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Daniela Fu├čeder

Daniela Fu├čeder, Felix-Klein-Center for Mathematics. Title: On Shape Optimization in the Context of Isogeometric Analysis Abstract: In shape optimization, the communication between the geometric description and the analysis suitable model of the domain plays an important role as updating the … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Stephan Schmidt

We will host Stephan Schmidt from the Chair of Mathematics IX (Scientific Computing) at University of W├╝rzburg. Title: Large Scale Shape Optimization – Inverse Problems, Nodal Mesh Deformation and Discrete Differential Geometry Abstract: Techniques and ingredients for large scale shape … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Anil Nemili

Anil Nemili, SciComp Title: Optimal Active Separation Control on High-Lift Configurations Abstract: During the landing and take-off phases of a modern commercial aircraft, high-lift devices are used to generate extra amount of lift to reduce the landing and take-off speeds … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Tim Albring

Tim Albring, SciComp Title: Semi-automatic Transition from Simulation to Optimization Abstract: PDE-constraint optimization often relies on the adjoint-based sensitivity evaluation, where one distinguishes between the discrete and the continuous methods. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages, but they are … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Markus Widhalm

Markus Widhalm from the Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology at DLR Braunschweig will be our guest. Title: Evaluating Stability Derivatives with a Linearized Frequency Domain Solver Abstract: Efficient and accurate prediction of derivatives from aerodynamic forces and moments of … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Lionel Mathelin

Lionel Mathelin from LIMSI-CNRS will give a talk about Flow Control and Uncertainty Quantification. Title: An Occam’s razor paradigm for the control of complex systems Abstract: Efficient control of complex systems involves ingredients such as robustness, reduced order modeling, observation … Continue reading

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