SC Seminar: Christoph Garth

Christoph Garth, Computational Topology Group

Scientific Visualization Research @ TU Kaiserslautern


The aim of scientific visualization is to provide graphical representations of complex physical phenomena in order to assist scientific investigation and to allow inferences that are not apparent in numerical form. It is therefore an integral component of many scientific workflows and fundamentally supports the scientific computing paradigm. In the first part of the talk, I aim to provide an overview of ongoing research in scientific visualization in my group, which is primarily aimed at developing methods for very large and complex datasets. In this context, parallel algorithms for visualization and topological techniques are primary research objectives. The second part of the talk will go into detail on recent research on the visualization of multi-variate datasets, where correlations and similarities among different variables are of interest. I will describe recent results on the application of Pareto sets, a concept typically used in multi-criteria optimization, to visualize the interactions of multiple variables in a two- or three-dimensional datasets. The talk will conclude with a brief discussion of current research challenges and an outlook on future work.

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