SC Seminar: Stephan Schmidt

We will host Stephan Schmidt from the Chair of Mathematics IX (Scientific Computing) at University of Würzburg.

Large Scale Shape Optimization – Inverse Problems, Nodal Mesh Deformation and Discrete Differential Geometry


Techniques and ingredients for large scale shape optimization are considered and exemplified by problems in computational acoustics as well as electromagnetic inverse design and computational fluid dynamics. In addition to the typical challenges within PDE-constrained optimization, such as successfully computing the adjoint solution, several auxiliary problems have to be overcome here, such as finding a robust deformation strategy of the computational grid, both with respect to the deformation of the volume mesh as well as with respect to a reparameterization of the nodes on the surface mesh. To this end, techniques from computer graphics, mesh smoothing and discrete differential geometry are considered as well as how to interface those aspects with automatic code generation utilizing the FEniCS framework.

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