SC Seminar: Payam Dehpanah

Payam Dehpanah, Scientific Computing Group, TU Kaiserslautern


Introduction to an Entrepreneurial Solution: HyParter


Every year new technologies are introduced for design, development, and operation of subsonic, transonic, supersonic and hypersonic air transport as aeronautics enters a new era in which an energy efficient clean sustainable air transport is substantially important. Electric and autonomous urban mobility emerges as a very practical solution to shape the future. Private companies have already started their own VTOL projects. Meanwhile, computation outstandingly helps all these new technologies thrive to shape a better future along with experiment, but still the long lasting gap between them exists. Extensive endeavors have been being made ever since by many researchers and developers to empower and improve their computational system to be able to address new technologies. Digitization and virtualization become important and the role of AI and ML in this transition known as re-invention of aviation remains obscure, hard to perceive and challenging. World-class scientific leaders across the globe support development of technologies to enhance re-invention of aviation with scalable and profitable ideas. HyParter stands for hyper partition and is an entrepreneurial solution with an open system that offers insightful solutions for different technologies at a systematic level.

In the second part of the talk meshing techniques with Pointwise for several cases will be demonstrated including:

1. Two dimensional normal extrusion for supercritical and multi-element airfoils.
2. Structured grid for 3D Backward Facing Step (3DBFS).
3. Structured multi-block grid for wall-mounted cylinder.
4. Hybrid and Voxel grid for wall-mounted cylinder and unstructured solver.
5. Introduction to Glyph Scripting.

How to join

The talk is held online via Jitsi. You can join with the link Please follow the rules below:

  • Use a chrome based browser (One member with a different browser can crash the whole meeting).
  • Mute your microphone and disable your camera.
  • If you have a question, raise your hand.

More information is available at

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