SC Seminar: Mehmet Akif Cördük

Mehmet Akif Cördük, TU Kaiserslautern

GPU Based Price Engines


High performance computing is needed in many areas of the industry to reduce the cost, energy and increase performance of certain tasks. Thanks to the advancements in GPGPU computing, it is more accessible for everyone to develop high performance solutions for parallel tasks. In this work, we present a novel solution for online computation of hotel prices and combinations with other services. High cardinality of search space is a time consuming task for CPU based solutions and cache based solutions are not always up-to-date. We map the problem to GPU architecture considering hardware limitations and memory access considerations. The proposed solution provides high cardinality- , flexible searches with accurate and up-to-date results, thanks to highly parallel nature of the problem. We achieved a 45 requests/seconds throughput for a search interval of 30 days for 88000 hotel rooms by computing 120 million prices per second.

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