SC Seminar: Matthias Freimuth

Matthias Freimuth, TU Kaiserslautern

Internal and External Coupling Approaches for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems in SU2


In this talk two possibilities to handle Fluid-Structure Interaction(FSI) calculations under the usage of SU2 will be presented. For the first one, as given in [1], the coupling of the equations for fluid and structure is done within SU2. The coupled system is then solved by Block-Gauss-Seidel Iterations on its adjoint variables. The second approach is to couple the SU2 framework as solver for the fluid part of the problem with an external structure solver as discussed in [2].

[1]: Sanchez R, Albring T, Palacios R, Gauger NR, Economon TD, Alonso JJ. Coupled adjoint-based sensitivities in large-displacement fluid-structure interaction using algorithmic differentiation. Int J Numer Meth Engng. 2018;113:1081-1107.
[2]: Sanchez R, Kline HL, Thomas D, Variyar A, Righi M, Economon TD, Alonso JJ, Palacios R, Dimitriadis G, Terrapon V. Assessment of the fluid-structure interaction capabilities for aeronautical applications of the open-source solver SU2. ECCOMAS Congress 2016, Crete island, Greece, 5-10 June 2016.

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