SC Seminar: Matthias Freimuth

Matthias Freimuth, TU Kaiserslautern/MTU Aero Engines

The multiphysics coupling tool preCICE in the context of adjoint-based aeroelastic designs


In the emerging field of coupled numerical simulations including two or more physical fields the capabilities of the multiphysics coupling tool preCICE are discussed with respect to aeroelastic design in this talk. With an adapter for the structural solver within the multiphysics solver SU2 a new link between SU2 and preCICE is presented. The development process and the key ingredients for multiphysics coupling are explained and the result is shown with a simple testcase. A smaller aspect also addressed in this talk is the discrete adjoint method for the gradient computation to efficiently optimize in a fluid structure interaction framework. The talk is based on the content of my masters thesis at MTU Aero Engines in Munich and will be given in english.

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