SC Seminar: Marc Schwalbach

Marc Schwalbach, von Karman Institute (VKI)

Cold-to-hot transformation for adjoint optimization of turbomachinery components


Due to the centrifugal forces experienced by turbomachinery components in operation, structural deformations occur such that the running “hot” structure differs from the resting “cold” structure. Typically, an optimization is performed in the “hot” state and the resulting CAD model has to be deformed to the “cold” state as a post-processing step for manufacturing. In this project, a cold-to-hot transformation is to be included in the optimization loop to compute the sensitivities of the objective function with respect to the “cold” CAD parameters directly using adjoints. This talk will give a summary of the overarching project, which involves the CAD-based adjoint optimization of turbomachinery components under mechanical constraints, and discuss the cold-to-hot transformation.

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