SC Seminar: Javad Fadaie Ghotbi

Javad Fadaie Ghotbi, Fraunhofer ITWM

Parallel Algebraic Multigrid Using GaspiLS


Solving a linear system of N unknowns with Multigrid methods are optimal because they can solve with O(N) work. This optimality property is crucial for scaling up huge simulation on parallel computers. To accomplish this, the problem geometry guides us to design the multigrid component with the underlying system in mind. Algebraic multigrid is a technique for solving linear system based on multigrid framework, but without need any explicit geometric information. AMG contains the fundamental multigrid ingredients that based only on matrix entries. Various AMG algorithms with different efficiency properties have developed by researchers which target different problem classes.
In this presentation, we will introduce the AMG method, starting with a depiction of classical AMG and move on to Parallel AMG and recent developments.

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