SC Seminar: Marcel Sauer

Marcel Sauer, DLR Cologne, Institute AT

Development of an optimization based automatic block structured grid generation method


In the development in turbomachinery components, flow simulations evaluate the design based on a discrete representation: the grid. The complexity of a turbomachinery blade passage allows for the usage of block-structured grids and their numerical advantages.In this talk, a new method for generating block-structured grids is presented. The method is capable of creating high quality grids by only using a small parameter set of block dimensions and distance prescriptions. The grid generation is formulated as an optimization problem, whose complexity is limited by the usage of a B-Spline based reduced grid description. Within a multi-stage process, the reduced grid description is optimized and a final grid is generated. The method is applied to turbomachinery testcases. Additionally, the method is compared to an algebraic grid generation method in the context of a process chain, which is similar to a design optimization.

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