SC Seminar: Emre Ă–zkaya

Dr. Emre Ă–zkaya, SciComp Title: Primal-Dual Aggregation Method for Surrogate Modeling of Expensive Functions Abstract: Global design optimization using Partial Differential Equations requires very reliable surrogate modeling techniques since the underlying simulations may be computationally very expensive. In general, for … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Stephan Schmidt

Dr. Stephan Schmidt, Uni WĂĽrzburg Title: Large Scale Geometric Inverse Problems and High Performance Computing Abstract: The primary concern of the presentation is geometric inverse problems governed by hyperbolic partial differential equations, meaning we are interested in reconstructing geometric objects … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Siegfried MĂĽller

Prof. Siegfried MĂĽller, IGPM, RWTH Aachen University This is joint work with Dr. Giulia Deolmi and Prof. Wolfgang Dahmen. Title: Effective Boundary Conditions for Compressible Flows over Rough Boundaries Abstract: Simulations of a flow over a roughness are prohibitively expensive … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Martin Geier

Prof. Martin Geier, IRMB, TU Braunschweig Title: Aero-acoustical simulations with the lattice Boltzmann method Abstract: The lattice Boltzmann method for fluid mechanics has recently been improved concerning stability and accuracy by the application of a cumulant transform [1], by the … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Tobias Kattmann

Tobias Kattmann, BOSCH Renningen, Fluid Dynamics (CR/ARF3) Title: Unsteady Adjoints Abstract: Adjoint-based optimization of unsteady flows has not reached the maturity of its steady counterpart. A main reason is its larger demand of computational power and memory (to store the … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Thomas Dick

Thomas Dick, SciComp Title: Stabilization of Discrete Adjoints by error attenuation Abstract: The Reverse Accumulation method for solving Discrete Adjoint problems often times requires the solution of a linear fixed point equation. If some of the components in this iteration … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Matthias Freimuth

Matthias Freimuth, TU Kaiserslautern Title: Internal and External Coupling Approaches for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems in SU2 Abstract: In this talk two possibilities to handle Fluid-Structure Interaction(FSI) calculations under the usage of SU2 will be presented. For the first one, as … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Rubén Sánchez Fernández

Dr. RubĂ©n Sánchez Fernández, SciComp Title: A Coupled Adjoint-Based Method for Aeroelastic Design in the Open-Source SU2 Suite Abstract: Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) methods have reached a significant level of maturity, which has led to their incorporation into the analysis … Continue reading

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