Topology Optimization WS20/21

(Topologische Strukturoptimierung)

Lecturer: Lisa Kusch, Prof. Nicolas R. Gauger
Date and Place:
Tuesday, 10:00h – 11:30h, online (BBB in Olat course), Lecture
Thursday, 14:00h – 15:30h, online (BBB in Olat course), Exercise (every second week)
Note: First lecture will be on 27.10.2020. Exercises start on 5.11.2020.

Attention! Switching to online Lecture! The lecture will be held online via the BBB link in the Olat course. Please turn off your microphone/video when joining and only turn it on for questions/answers. The recommended browsers are Chrome or Firefox. If you have questions or problems please send me a mail.

ECTS: 4.5
Language: German or English
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Master students in mathematics and computer science. Preferably with some basic knowledge about PDEs and numerics.

Source: S. Schmidt

Source: S. Schmidt


While questioning specific structural design problems, the students learn how to model and compute structures (e.g. bridges, components, micro structures) and their characteristics (e.g. compliance) and how to set up discrete models for the structural design. The final goal is to enable the students to treat topology optimization problems for structures, while the methods for topology optimization make also use of sizing and shape design methodologies (as in case of bubble methods). In tutorials based on MATLAB and open source software, the students will get hands on the derived methods for topology optimization. The lecture is furthermore valuable for general lectures on optimization with PDEs. For those students who have heard already lectures on optimization with PDEs, the lecture gives a specific problem and application oriented insight into this class of optimization problems.


  • Linear elastic equations and its discretization
  • Sizing optimization
  • Shape optimization
  • Topology optimization
  • Material distribution problems
  • Bubble method
  • Derivation and characteristics of topological gradients