Scientific Computing Seminar

Date and Place: Thursdays in Room 32-349. For detailed dates see below!


In the Scientific Computing Seminar we host talks of guests and members of the SciComp team as well as students of mathematics, computer science and engineering. Everbody interested in the topics is welcome.

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  • Thu

    SC Seminar: Steffen Schotthöfer

    11:30SC Seminar Room 32-349

    Steffen Schotthöfer, TU Kaiserslautern

    Sensitivity analysis on chaotic dynamical systems


    More scientists and engineers use computer simulations, consequently the sensitivity analysis on the simulated systems is an essential part of that developement. Unfortunately, conventional approaches to compute the sensitivity of a system may fail if the system is chaotic. The results of these methods can be too large, often by orders of magnitude.
    In this talk we discuss the Non Intrusive Least Squares Shadowing approach to compute the sensitivity of chaotic dynamical system. This method overcomes the failure of the conventional aproaches and is for many real world applications efficiently computable.