Scientific Computing Seminar

Date and Place: Thursdays in Room 32-349. For detailed dates see below!


In the Scientific Computing Seminar we host talks of guests and members of the SciComp team as well as students of mathematics, computer science and engineering. Everbody interested in the topics is welcome.

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  • Thu

    SC Seminar: Lisa Kusch

    11:30SC Seminar Room 32-349

    Lisa Kusch, SciComp

    Topology Optimization of Structures using the One-Shot Approach – Challenges and First Steps


    The one-shot approach is traditionally used in the context of shape optimization with an underlying expensive partial differential equation constraint. If the solution process for the partial differential equation can be interpreted as a fixed point iteration, it can be augmented with an adjoint solver. Then, in the one-shot approach state and adjoint feasibility are pursued simultaneously with optimality using a suitable preconditioner.
    We transfer the ideas of one-shot optimization to the field of topology optimization. The structural analysis involving geometrical and material non-linearities is realized with a Newton-like solver, that can be augmented by an adjoint solver. Several new challenges for one-shot topology optimization like projection methods and filter methods are discussed. Results are presented for topology optimization of nonlinear elastic structures in a two-dimensional setting to minimize compliance.