SC Seminar: Lena Dittrich

Lena Dittrich, RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau

Title: An overview over publications simulating Ride-pooling services using the simulation framework MATSim


Ride-pooling Services, also often referred to as Ride-Hailing or Ride-Sharing Services, are becoming more and more common. Humanity is facing problems like climate change and increased population density, and we are increasingly aware of the necessity to change and adjust our way of life accordingly. To combat this, we are attempting to rebuild and adapt our infrastructure to our new challenges. Public transportation systems are an important part of that transition and, therefore, a useful and much needed area of research. An efficient system will attract more passengers who will substitute their private vehicle by public transportation, thereby saving not only carbon emissions but also space and resources that can be used more efficiently elsewhere.
This talk will give an overview over some research that has been done about Ridepooling services. We will look at publications in which different scenarios were simulated using the agent-based simulation framework MATSim to asses the necessary fleet size of a ride-pooling service provider.

How to join online

You can join online via Zoom, using the following link:

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