SC Seminar: Emre Özkaya

Dr. Emre Özkaya, SciComp Title: A Discrete Adjoint Approach for Extended Helmholtz Resonator Model in Aeroacoustic Design Optimization Abstract: In this talk, we present a novel discrete adjoint approach for aeroacoustic design optimization. The main motivation behind the work is … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Lisa Kusch

Lisa Kusch, SciComp Title: Robust Design in the Context of Deterministic Multi-Objective Optimization Abstract: Realistic engineering design involves the optimization of different competing objectives. Here, the aim is to find a set of solutions that fulfill the concept of Pareto … Continue reading

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SC Seminar: Xialong Ye

Title: Reading Course: A Monotone Spectral Gradient Method for (Linear) Elastic Problems Abstract: We consider the minimum compliance problem in the context of linear elastic topology optimization problems und show how to use classcial gradient-based optimization methods e.g. the optimality … Continue reading

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